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Best Times


In the area of Taka Bonerate we can dive all year around. However to get there from Makassar or Selayar by boat is best from around mid March until end of December. West monsoon season happens between end of December until mid March. During this time, usually the condition of the sea is a bit choppy, it is not so convenient to go by boat at that time. East monsoon season is around July-August.


The best time is still between March until December, where sea surface most of the time is very smooth like mirror. When you like do night dive, sea surface will reflect the shine of moon nicely. Water current also considered mild to none. Some places always have current because of its geography, but in average dive-spots there is considered no current. However fish likes current, so some of the best dive spot definitely has current, at least mild.


March until November is dry season for all Indonesia part, including Tinabo Island. Expect hot humid weather on the island, and always shield under the tree to avoid dehydration. However some times rain hard happened with a bit strong wind.


Time Zone

Indonesia has three time zones, Western Time Zone (Waktu Indonesia Barat - WIB), Central Time Zone (Waktu Indonesia Tengah - WITA), and Eastern Time Zone (Waktu Indonesia Timur - WIT). Tinabo Island is in Central Time Zone, which is UTC/GMT +8 hours. Dawn time is around 04:50-05:40 and dusk time is around 18:05 (on 2010).


Dive Itinerary

The most common itinerary that our guests chose are two: 8 Day 7 Night (8D 7N) or 4 Day 3 Night (4D 3N). It is because of the flight schedule from Makassar-Selayar-Makassar. Currently, there is only one airline serves this route and flies only two days in a week, Tuesday and Friday. There are no other flight on the other day. So the detail will be:



8D 7 N
 Day No. Day Activities Remark
1  Friday  Fly from Makassar to Selayar, Lunch  14:30
 Go to Tinabo Island by boat, rest  
2  Saturday

 Dive 1 - 3

3  Sunday   Dive 4 - 6
4  Monday   Dive 7 - 9
5  Tuesday   Dive 10 - 12
6  Wednesday   Dive 13 - 15
7  Thursday   Dive 16 - 17  24 hours no-fly-time
8  Friday  Go by boat to Selayar in the morning, fly back to Makassar  14::30


5D 4N

 Day No. Day Activities Remark
1  Tuesday  Fly from Makassar to Selayar  08:00-09:00
 Go to Tinabo Island by boat, rest  12:00
 1st Dive  
2  Wednesday

 Dive 2 - 4

3  Thursday   Dive 5 - 6  24 hours no-fly-time
4   Friday  Go by boat to Selayar in the morning, fly back to Makassar  14:30


Please note that there is already flight from Denpasar-Selayar once a week, every Thursday.

However, if you don't have any plan to go by flight, by land transport for example, it will be up to you to arrange the date schedule. The constraint will only be the ferry schedule from Selayar to Sulawesi Island, but it's twice a day morning and afternoon time.

For non-divers, the same schedule is applicable as well. .



Taka Bonerate, Indonesia

One of the best dive destinations that offer all year around diving experiences