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Currently we provide:



- 2 rooms for twin sharing base (one big bed for two person).

- 2 rooms for triple sharing base (one big bed for two person and 1 small bed for 1 person)

- On those 4 rooms, there are still enough space to have extra bed if you want.

- All the beds are spring bed.


Bedroom Bedroom




All rooms has fan. The interior is designed nicely so the flow of air circulation is very good all the time.



Bathroom are sharing basis.



There is no cell phone signal on the island. We do communication by using marine radio and citizen band (CB) radio.


Scuba Diving Gear

We have 8 full set of rental gear (BCD, mask, snorkel, fin, regulator, SPG). There is no rental underwater camera and dive-comp.


Storage Room

There is one big store room to put all of your diving-gear. Complete with some big buckets to put your underwater housing camera.


Dive Gear Room, Tinabo Island Resort

Dive Gear Room, Tinabo Island Resort

Dive Gear Room, Tinabo Island Resort




We have one big wooden boat to cater for 6-10 divers, 2 fiberglass boat for 5-6 divers, and another 1 small fiberglass boat for 3-4 divers.



A small nice island, white sandy beach, with nobody there except us.



As per June 2010, we will have a lot more improvement. Check the news .. :-)



Taka Bonerate, Indonesia

One of the best dive destinations that offer all year around diving experiences