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invitation for dive agent/bureau

The coverage of Taka Bonerate National Park is 220.000 hectares with 21 separated small islands. It is in the center of richest marine biodiversity in the world and consider as one of largest coral reef area.


As to introduce good experience scuba diving in the best coral-triangle, Taka Bonerate, to all avid scuba divers, we welcome to dive agency or dive travel to have partnership with us. That can be either you want to be the event organizer of a dive trip, a sales agency, or else. Currently we do not limit this based on any criteria, as we always expect this will become a long mutual relationship and also to enhance our service quality for your distinguished guests and for a good future to your business.


Why with us? as we are the only one land base dive resort in Taka Bonerate, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, and we also has a lot of experiences and network to arrange all the steps from the Makassar International Airport until our Tinabo island. For your guests that means convenient service, for your business means simplified business.




Taka Bonerate, Indonesia

One of the best dive destinations that offer all year around diving experiences